Chapter 4: SSA / ASS

Yety, kmso

Answer all the following questions in a Google Doc and turn in your answers

1. Drag points A, B, and C. Make observations. 2. Identify two triangles that are congruent. Justify your answer. 3. Identify two other triangles (different from the ones above) that are also congruent. Justify your answer. 4. List the congruent sides in triangles NOP and triangle KLM. 5. List the congruent angles in triangles NOP and triangle KLM. 6. Notice that triangles NOP and KLM have two sides and the nonincluded angle that are congruent (SSA). Are these two triangles congruent? Explain. 7. In general, do you think SSA can be used to prove triangle congruency? Why or why not?