11.2 Investigation

1.  At point B, make a tangent line.  Use the Tangents tool.  2.  At point C, make another tangent line.  3.  The two tangent lines should intersect outside of the circle.  If they do not, move one of the tangent lines around to make sure it intersects the other tangent line. 4.  Make a point of intersection where the two tangent lines meet.  Right click and show labelThis point should be labeled as point D. 5.  Measure the distance from B to D. 6.  Measure the distance from C to D. 7.  What do you notice about BD and CD? ______________________________8.  Move point B or C around (make sure the tangent lines intersect).  What do you notice about BD and CD? _______________________.9.  Segment BD and segment CD are calledtangent segments.10.  Finish this Theorem 11.2: Tangent segments are _____________________