Construct a tangent to a point on a circle

Construct a tangent line to the circle through point B.

1) Create a line segment from the center A through point B 2) Create a perpendicular to that line a) Using the compass tool, click on point B, then point A and create a circle that is centered at point B. b) Click the intersect tool and create the intersection point of your new circle and the line c) Click the point tool and create a point (F) between A and B d) Create a compass circle that has a radius of that new point to point E e) Without selecting the compass option again, click on point F, then point E, then move the compass circle to be centered at point A. f) Where these two circles intersect (chose the intersect option from the 2nd toolbox), draw a line. this is your perpendicular line 3) You have now created your tangent line to the circle through point B. Use the ABC Text option from the last toolbox to place your name on the construction before you screenshot it and submit it.