BPW Inv 1.1 - Line Reflections

In your BPW book or BPW online book link, open to Inv 1.1 (pg 10) and use Geogebra to answer the Part A questions 1 - 4 for pentagon ABCDE after making image, ABCDE′, and the line of reflection line AE.
  1. Use the Line tool Toolbar Image to create line Line AE.
  2. Reflect the polygon over the line AE using the reflection tool Toolbar Image.
  3. Use the Segment tool Toolbar Image to draw segments connecting each vertex of pentagon ABCDE to its image on pentagon ABCDE
  4. Use the intersect tool Toolbar Image to show intersection point of segments you drew in step three and line AE.(go to Toolbar Image and in dropdown menu find Toolbar Image)
  5. Measure lengths of A to intersection point and A' to intersection point using Toolbar Image (under Toolbar Image dropdown menu) and angles Toolbar Image (click on three points you want to measure.
In your Google doc: copy, paste and answer each of the following questions:

  •  How are measures of the line of reflection AE and lines between all points and their image (A and A') related?
  • How are the distances of a line from point to line of reflection and image to line of reflection ?
  • Which points are in the same location as their image under this reflection?