Reading Lampshade (AR Modeling Challenge)

In this challenge, you will try to recreate this lampshade with circular base. Clues: The blue surface is a frustum of a right circular cone. This cone's inclination about the z-axis ( or ) is times greater the slant of any other cone that makes a angle with respect to the z-axis. If the rest of the cone was displayed, you would see its apex located at (0,0,6). The radius of the bottom circular opening = . The radius of the top circular opening = 1. The pink circular base is congruent to the top circular opening. The center of the pink circular base, however, is not quite located on the negative z-axis. The z-coordinate of this center is located 11.2 units below the horizontal plane containing (0,0,6). This center is also located 0.2 units away from the z-axis.