Lesson Reflection - Angle Bisector as a Locus. The Incenter of a triangle.

How did you implement your lesson plan?

I have implemented this lesson plan at two groups of 6th-grade students having different instructional levels (reflected in the median of math grades of the groups). The plan worked very well for the group with a high math level, but for the lower math level group, I had to split the lesson into two parts, because of the slower rhythm of learning.

Have you integrated technology well?

Yes, technology was integrated and it worked well. Students who usually were too bored to participate in the math lessons have paid more attention and discovered that math is not so hard to learn. Most students have observed the proprieties of the angle bisector when working with the interactive worksheets. They also were intrigued by the difference seen between their own drawings and GeoGebra dynamic drawings and learned to construct bisectors more accurate.

Did your students reach the objectives of the lesson?

The high-level math students have reached the objectives addressed in one hour, although I had to replace some board demonstration with discussions and notes. The low-level math students have reached the minimum objectives in two hours. If your students are not too good at math, you should certainly split the lesson into two parts.

What do students say about the lesson?

All students liked the lesson and said they want more technology integrated lessons.

What could be improved to make your method work better?

The lesson is too long for lower math students and has to be split in two.