Investigating the Cosine Curve

Use the applet below in order to see how the midline affects the range of the function
Use the sliders above to investigate how each letter, A, B, and D effect the graph.

Which letter effects the amplitude?

How does the b value change the graph? When it is less then 1? When it is greater then 1? try b = 1/2 and b = 5, describe how the curve changes.

How does the d value effect the graph. Try y = cos x +2. What happens? Amp? period?

Graph y = 2 cos x +4 State the amplitude, period, and vertical shift

What is the range of the function y = 2 cos x +4

Check all that apply

Graph y = -3 cos 2x -1 Amp? Period? Vertical Shift?

Range of y = -3 cos 2x -1

Check all that apply