How to embed GeoGebra applets in revealjs slides

What is revealjs?

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GeoGebra applets in revealjs slides

You can embed GeoGebra applets in your revealjs slides. Just follow the steps bellow. Note: This method also works using Markdown.


Open demo in a new tab: Series Here are more examples:

Step 1


Step 2

Click on the Three Dots Menu (right-top corner) and select the Details option

Step 3

Click on Share button and then click on Embed tab to copy the iFrame code by clicking on the small notes icon on the right or select the code and copy.

Step 4

Insert you iFrame GeoGebra code in your reveal.js code:
For more details about the iFrame embedding consult: Material Embedding (Iframe) If you found this useful, let me know @jcponcemath