Week 8 Day 2 Learning Goals

  • I can describe the connections between an equation of the form ax + by = c, the features of its graph, and the rate of change in the situation.
  • I can graph a linear equation of the form ax + by = c.
  • I understand that rewriting the equation for a line in different forms can make it easier to find certain kinds of information about the relationship and about the graph.
The next 3 activities (A.2.10.2 parts 1-3) each contain a different equation. Each equation represents the relationship between the number of games, x, the number of rides, y, and the dollar amount a student is spending on both the games and rides. Each of the three equations represents a different amusement park.
Let's try graphing using the GeoGebra graphing tool together right now: Enter the equation 3x + 4y = 12 into the input bar. You can use your mouse (if you are using one) or the touch pad to change dimensions. You can also change the graph by clicking on settings. You can also use the "line tool" to graph if you know 2 points on the line - click the line tool and then click on the location of the 2 points on the graph. Trying graphing a line that has the points (0, 10) and (4, 3).