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Equation Solver - Instructions for Teachers

Students can use the equation solver below to experiment with solving equations. The initial equation, which is in the form ax + b = cx + d can be changed by downloading this activity and then changing the values of a, b, c, and d. Eg. One can change the value of a to 4 by typing a = 4 in the input box and then the new equation becomes 4x + 3 = 2x + 9. You can then save the activity and re-upload it to your own account to share with students. To download this activity, click on the three small dots in the upper right-hand corner of this page, click on details, then click download. Agree to the terms, then select the Applet to download but to edit, you'll need an offline version of Geogebra installed. Alternatively, you can copy the activity and edit it directly in the Geogebra website.