Comparison of Functions, Inequalities in Interactive Applets

Lew W.S.
This is a sample template file which you can use for reference when you design interactive activity that need to compare user input with the system generated questions and answers. See how you can compare two types of data : (a) algebraic expressions including just numbers (b) inequalities and obtain if user answer is correct (if answer correct, true, otherwise false) This file offers some simple ideas of generating problems & questions automatically by use of RandomBetween for constants, functions and lists to create systemgeneratedFunction, systemgeneratedInequality You may need to alter how system generates the systemgeneratedFunction(x) or the systemgeneratedInequality to suit the way you present your activity questions, But the key usefulness of this template here may lie in the use of the boolean comparisons checkcorrectFunction and checkcorrectInequality