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Module 1 Day 1 Leaping Lizards Translation


Today we will be exploring Rigid Motion Transformations (translations, rotations, reflections). For the first section, we will be exploring translations. Translations 1) Connect all Pre-Image points to the Image points (nose to nose, tail to tail, right hand to right hand, etc) by clicking the segment tool:  Once selected, you simply click on the points you wish to connect. Connect all the points on the Pre-Image (the original is the bottom left) to the Image (the copy in the top right). 2) What do you notice about the lines you created? You can use the length measuring tool to measure the lengths by clicking on the segment you want to measure. You can also use to slope measuring tool: to measure the slope of the lines.

1) Leaping Lizards (Translation)

Rotations The Original Lizard was rotated 90 counterclockwise around the red + at (12,7). 1) Draw circles that have a center at the red + and touch each of the points on the Original Lizard (the Pre-Image) a) What do you notice about these circles? 2) Draw Line segments from the red + to all the points on both lizards using the segment tool: a) Measure each of those lines and compare their distances to the red +. Do you notice anything?  

2) Leaping Lizards (Rotation)

Reflections: The Image on the right is the reflection of the Original Lizard over the vertical line x = 23. 1) Connect all the points on the original to the points on the image. a) Measure the angle formed when the lines cross over x=23 (the blue line) using the angle tool: b) Select the angle tool, click on an endpoint, a point at the angle, and a point on the blue line to see  your angle measure. c) Measure the distance from each lizard to the blue line and see how they compare: d) Measure the slope of each connecting line and see how they compare.

3) Leaping Lizards (Reflection)

4) Leaping Lizards (Reflection 2)