Linear Equation

linear equation is any equation that can be written in the form ax+b+x=0 where a and b are real numbers, both can bot be zero. Here, x and y are called variable. This form of equation is called the standard form of a linear equation. Dear learner, 1. In the input box, write the equation of red straight line. 2. To get new question, Click on "New Question" Button Play this game! until you get five Congratulation! प्यारो बिद्यार्थी 1. खाली कोठामा रातो सिधा रेखाको समिकरण लेख्नुहोस । 2. नयाँ, प्रश्नको लागी, "New Question" बटन मा थिच्नुहोस । पाँच पटक "Congratulation! Well Done" नपाउन्जेल सम्म यो खेल खेल्नुहोस ।