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G.GGMD.3 Right Triangular Prisms

The applet below lets you build a right triangular prism with the specifications listed. Explore! You can also use this resource to assess results of any problems you complete that for which you need to find a triangular prism's lateral area (LA), total surface area (TSA), and/or volume (V). To explore this resource in Augmented Reality, see the directions below this applet.


1) Open up GeoGebra's 3D app on your device. 2) Press on the 3 horizontal bars (upper left). Select OPEN. 3) To virtually explore a triangular prism, type j6xVky5C in the search bar. (Code = case sensitive). Select what appears. IMPORTANT! 4) Use the prismheight, triangleheight, and oneside sliders to alter the prism height, triangle height, and purple side (respectively). The b slider controls the horizontal side (edge) of the triangle. Note b = 6 to start. TO CREATE A TRIANGLE THAT HAS BLUE ANGLE OBTUSE, find the line that says "v = false". Then edit this line so it says v = true. To go back to having this blue angle be right or acute, simply make this line v = true. To show the TSA, LA, and V values, simply make the values of m_2, n_2, & o_2 true, respectively.