Art & Animations

Hello! This is a set of fun animations that I made using different GeoGebra commands. For example, some of the basic commands I used are:
  • Rotation()
  • Translation()
  • Dilatation()
  • Sequence()
Other advanced commands that I frequently used are:
  • SetDynamicColor()
  • Execute()
  • Zip()
  • Flatten()
  • CopyFreeObject()
Almost all the applets were made using GeoGebraScript. Download the applets to your computer. Open the ggb file with GeoGebra classic (version 5 is the one I use). Open the Algebra view and then look for the button with label Setup to see the GGBScript. For more information about GGBScript go to: I hope you find useful these constructions. If you make something based on this work, please, let me know by email or send me a tweet @jcponcemath
Art & Animations

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