Area of Trapezoid

hchan, zaynabj


In your Breakout Rooms, work together and use this app to explore with areas of trapezoids. Then, answer Questions 1-3 below. Be prepared to share your findings with the whole class.

Question 1:

Slowly move "Slide Me!" to duplicate the trapezoid and fit the two figures together. Repeat this process at least two more times with different types of trapezoids by dragging the vertices. What new figure results each time the two trapezoids are fitted together?

Question 2:

How does the area of the new figure compare to the area of the original trapezoid? How do you know?

Question 3:

Use the equation you previously developed for the area of a parallelogram to write an equation for the area of a trapezoid in terms of its bases, b1 and b2, and height, h.