HW Practice Problems

Triangle ABC is dilated using D as the center of dilation with scale factor 2.The image is triangle A′B′C′. Clare says the two triangles are congruent, because their angle measures are the same. Do you agree? Explain how you know.

Problem 2On graph paper, sketch the image of quadrilateral PQRS under the following dilations:

  • The dilation centered at Rwith scale factor 2.
  • The dilation centered at Owith scale factor 12.
  • The dilation centered at Swith scale factor 12.

The diagram shows three lines with some marked angle measures.Find the missing angle measures marked with question marks.

Describe a sequence of translations, rotations, and reflections that takes Polygon P to Polygon Q.

Quadrilateral ABCD is dilated with center (0,0), taking B to B′. Draw A′B′C′D′.