Yahoo Answers 4-17-14

Give the domain and range for these functions and then sketch them... 1) y=4*(3)√x (4 times the cube root of x) 2) y=-3/4*(3)√x To find the domain, you have to look at any values that would not be allowed by the function. Since they are cube roots, negative numbers are allowed. The domains will be all real numbers. The range will also be all real numbers since you will get positive and negative results. For number 1, plug in some values for x and then see what you get for y... (-27,-12) , (-8,-8) , (-1,-4) , (0,0), (1,4) , (8,8) , (27,12) it's kind of a long, stretched out s For number 2, same thing (-27,9/4) , (-8,3/2) , (-1,3/4) , (0,0) , (1,-3/4) , (8,-3/2) , (27,9/4) It looks a bit like number 1 except when x is negative, y is positive and when x is positive, y is negative. It is also more compressed.