Applications Worksheet I-5


Problem 5

Colin, Johnny, and Logan run 1000m, 3000m, and 5000m respectively.  Their combined time is 29 minutes of running.  Johnny's time is 1 minute more than three times Colin's time.  The sum of Johnny's time and double Colin's time is equal to Logan's time.  How much did each runner take to finish the race?

Organize your data:

Define your variables on a separate sheet of paper, and create your equations. Solve this system of equations for each variable. Be sure to include labels on your final answers.
In the window below, you can enter your equations on the left to view the 3D graph of your application.   Make this graph useful, and think about it.  Do you see one single solution?  Are their multiple?  Any?   When you find an algebraic answer, check the graph to see if what you've found makes sense. Plot your solution point by simply entering it as (1,2,3) for example.  Does the point line up with what your graph expected?