Amanda's reflections while making this:

Day 1) I finaly got my object to move using my sliders! It still isn't exactly where I want it but it's a start. It works funny because my object is a circle not a point so my sliders are connected to the center point causing the cirlce to move when the angle is changed.  Day 2) today i made my scene pretty (: I added a background and baseball players unfortunatly my trace doesn't work now -.-  But i got my text that says " Home run :(" to work to show a faliure  That was easy because all i had to do was imput the x formula and the x i wanted it to appear after, I'm have trouble getting my text " strike three you're out" to work because I want it to only work when the ball is in the glove so i have to get a perfect range of the glove... I'll work on it Day 3) I finaly got my text for success to work. It only took 4 conditions -.- The only thing that I couldn't figure out how to do is to make the ball stop at the x-axis. And since it's a bonus I'm not stressing out about it, I tried it but didn't work out for me and I'm very much done with this project. I thinking I'm disliking ggb more and more each time I use it. But I'm done and happy with my work so I guess it's not all bad. Day 4) I have come to peace with Geogabra however my problem now is the physics work; if this were math Iwould be done by now but my knowledge in physcics is nowhere near as developped as it should be - because of this I am having difficulty.