Vector Equation of a Line

Below are two vectors, that will used to create a line. You can adjust these, by moving the blue circles. Then, slide the slider, to show how the line is created. After you change the scalar value, push "Show Line" to see the entire line, for all t values. Then, push reset, and try to create a new line. Then, answer the questions below.
Question 1: How does vector b affect the line? How does vector a affect the line? Question 2: Explain in your own words, how the line is created from these two vectors. Question 3: From your answers to question 1 and 2, write the equation for the line using these two vectors, in the form = ... Note: In this example, we only show a few t values, but to show the whole line, we need all . Question 4: Compare this equation to the normal line, y=mx+c. How is it similar?