Activity #8__the "Segment with a Given Length" tool

This activity is design to show you how the Segment with a Given Length tool works. You will create 3 different side lengths for a triangle and then verify that the lengths are accurate. Lastly, move around the lengths until you have formed a right triangle. See below for directions.

Segment with a Given Length Tool

DIRECTIONS: 1.  Using LINE TOOLS, select the Segment with given Length.  Enter a length of 3.​ 2.  While the Segment with given Length tool is still active, create two more lines with lengths of 4 and 5.​ ​​ 3.  Using the MEASURE TOOLS, select Distance or Length and follow the directions. Are the lines 3, 4, and 5? ​ 4.   Using the BASIC TOOLS, select the Move tool. Arrange the lengths, creating a right triangle.


What are the conditions to form a triangle? Not all lines can be arranged to make a triangle