Which is f, f', f'' ?

In the applet below, note the three colored function graphs a, b, and c. Function a is shown as a blue graph. Function b is shown as a brown graph. Function c is shown as a purple graph. In each problem you generate here, One graph represents an original function . Another graph shown is the graph of the derivative of function f: . The remaining graph is the graph of the 2nd derivative of function f: Your goal is to determine which graph is which. Simply check one of the checkboxes under each label on the top right side. After doing so, click "Check Answer". If your answers are not correct, work at correcting them. Note: You can zoom out if you would like to see all 3 graphs more from a distance. For a resource that dynamically illustrates the relationship between the graph of a function and the graph of its derivative function, see the GeoGebra applet BELOW THIS QUIZ APPLET. Select the New Problem button to create a new problem.

Relationship Between f and f': Quick Refresher. Note: WHITE POINT can be dragged & function can be changed.