GeoGebra News - June 2021

New Full Screen Layout

All GeoGebra Apps now have a shiny new layout with a full screen option for the Algebra View! Try it in our GeoGebra Suite Calculator!

Illustrative Math High School Curriculum - Free & Digital!

In addition to the Illustrative Math Middle School Curriculum which teachers have used for some time now, GeoGebra now also offers the Illustrative Math High School Curriculum! The fully digital Illustrative Math High School Curriculum for grades 9-12 is an open educational resource that can be used with GeoGebra tools for interactive and engaging instruction. You can monitor all student progress in real time using GeoGebra Classroom or create assignments in Google Classroom - free of charge! If you want to stay up to date, you can register for the GeoGebra IM Curriculum Pilot Program! Find the resource collections and explore the worksheets now!

Promotion video to get in touch with GeoGebra

“Hi teachers!  Looking for a summer educational trip?  Explore GeoGebra and start your adventure!” A new video promoting GeoGebra for first-time users should help get people to use GeoGebra. Feel free to share this video with all your colleagues and friends.

Community Work

Florida GeoGebra Conference: The aim of the Florida GeoGebra Conference 2021 was to serve as a forum for teachers, researchers, and innovators to exchange ideas and present pedagogical and mathematical examples of research-based instructional strategies. Shortcuts of the 8 presenters were posted every week on our Social Media accounts, the full videos can be found on our YouTube channel. Show your Skills: We will share tasks and riddles every two weeks on Instagram to solve in GeoGebra. Send in your answers with pictures via Direct Message. Some of them might get published!

Learn GeoGebra

Looking for help using GeoGebra? On our Learn GeoGebra page you can find quick links to learn more about our apps and website.

Stay Tuned!

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