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Lesson 1-1: H.O.T. Problem #58

What is the greatest number of planes determined using any three points A, B, C, and D, if no three points are collinear? Use the Geogebra Applet below to find out!


1.Toolbar ImageClick on the Plane through 3 Points icon in the Toolbar and select 3 points on the screen to define your first plane.
2.Repeat Step 1 until you have created as many planes as you think are possible.
3.Toolbar ImageActivate the Move Tool and select one of the planes.
4.Open the Style Bar using the Style Bar button the in right upper corner.
5. Change the color of the plane.
6. Repeat Steps 3-5 until each of the planes is a different color.

How many different planes were you able to create using only points A, B, C and D?

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