Bibi Khanum mosque - spandrel - gp

As well as the entrance gate the amin mosque is decorated with kufic calligraphy. The spandrel of the iwan got a geometric pattern with three kins of stars: big 12-pointed stars, slightly smaller 8-pointed stars, each surrounded by a wreath of little 5-pointed stars. Where the wreaths of two 12-pointed stars intersect an extra element was created. The line pattern is generated by a tiling of dodecagons, octagons, pentagons and barrel shaped hexagons.
The stars were executed in glazzed tiles. The irregular hexagons making the transition between the different stars, aren't coloured but got a decoration in relief. In the pattern coloured tiles in the middles of the 12- and 8-pointed stars mark horizontal grid lines in the pattern of stars. Only when zooming in you notice that the hexagonal forms are irregular.