1- Is it possible to build a triangle using segments that measure 10 m, 5 m and 16 m? Justify your answer.

2 (UnB-adapted) - The AB segment of an ABC triangle is expressed by an integer. Giving that the segments AC and BC measure, respectively, 27 cm and 16 cm. What is the maximum length value for the segment AB? Justify your answer.

3-When it cames to triangles, check the following items that are true:

Check all that apply

4-(Dolce & Pompeo) In the following items, mark the correct ones. 

Check all that apply

5 (Adapted Dolce & Pompeo) - If the triangle "ABC" has an isosceles base "BC", determine x, knowing that AB = 2x-7 and AC = x +5.

6 (Adapted Dolce & Pompeo) - If the triangle ABC has the segment BC - which is an isosceles base, determine x, knowing that

7 (Adapted Dolce & Pompeo) - In an isosceles triangle, the semiperimeter measure is 7.5m. Measure the sides of this triangle, knowing that the sum of the congruent sides is four times the measure of the base.