Rotating Function Graphs about the xAxis within GeoGebra AR


You can create a SURFACE OF REVOLUTION by rotating the graph of ANY FUNCTION about the xAxis, and then explore this surface virtually FROM ANY ANGLE within GeoGebra Augmented Reality! 1st step: Watch the screencast below to see how you can can create such a surface of revolution. Here, we first graph the function . We then rotate this function about the xAxis (with a = angle of rotation) using the SURFACE command. Notice this surface looks like a fish with open mouth. If interested, you can use this pre-made template that can be found here. Follow the directions on this page to open in the GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator on your device.

1st Step: Create a Surface of Revolution. (Created on ACER Chrome Tab 10)

2nd step: Now it's time to explore this surface in GeoGebra Augmented Reality! For a reminder as to how to do this, refer to step (4) within this resource.

2nd Step: Explore in GeoGebra Augmented Reality! (Created on ACER Chrome Tab 10)

What other kinds of every-day, 3D, real-world objects we model with this technique within GeoGebra Augmented Reality?