Distance of skew lines

Construct the distance of skew lines a and b. 1. Distance of skew lines. You can change the length of 1 unit by moving the yellow point. 2. Translate line a to a point of line b (a0). 3. Lines a0 and b determines a plane, the dotted line is one its contour lines. 4. Let us have a rotated side view of the two lines so that the direction of projection is parallel to this contour line. 5. The rotated levels are perpendicular to the contour lines, their distance is the unit.. 6. Let us find the side view of line b with the help of two points. 7. Let us find the side view of line a with the help of a point (its image will be parallel to (b) in this image). 8. (b) 9. (a) is parallel to (b) but only apparently! 10. The distance of the two, apparently parallel lines is the true distance of the skew lines. Note: this construction depends on the unit. If you change the unit, the result changes with it.