Worksheet 2 (week 1)

Spanish Comprehension Basics

On thing that you must know when speaking Spanish is who you are talking about. So I will also be teaching you the basic comprehensions. Just know that there is a very small chance that you will ever use Vosotros because really only people who speak Castellano (a type Spanish from Spain) use it. Here they are... 1)Yo-I 4)Nosotros/Nosotras-We 2)Tu-You 5)Vosotros/Vosotras-You all 3)El-He 6)Ellos-They (masculine) Ella-She Ellas-They (Femenine) Usted (Ud)-You Ustedes-They (Mixed Genders)

Examples are...

-Comer 1)Come 4)Comemos 2)Comes 5)Comeis 3)Come 6)Comen In a sentence... 1)Yo come pan (I eat bread) 4)Nosotros comemos pan (We eat bread) 2)Tu comes pan (You eat bread) 5)Vosotros comeis pan (You guys eat bread) 3)Usted come pan (You eat bread) 6)Ustedes comen pan (You all eat bread) El come pan (He eats bread) Ellos comen pan (They eat bread(masculine) Ella come pan (She eats bread) Ellas comen pan (They eat bread(Feminine)