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Derivative of a Function, and its Gradient Function

Lew W. S.
Understanding of Derivative of a Function as its Gradient Function. (Please use Java applet mode to run applet, as it is not HTML5 ready due to use of Latex for display of calculation text ) Try various input functions and check for yourself how the gradient of the tangent to the curve at a point P is related to the derivative of the function.
1. Input a function in x 2. Move slider n to select the position of point P on the curve of the function 3. Click on checkbox for Tangent at P and Gradient at P to show the gradient graphically 4. Click on checkbox for Text on Derivatve to see the differentiation of the given function 5. Click on checkbox for Curve of Derivative Function to show the graph of the derivative function f'(x) 6. Click on the checkbox for Point on Curve of Derivative function to see how the gradient of the derivative function can be obtained from the y coordinate of the derivative function for the same x coordinate for P 7. Click on checkbox for Calculation of Gradient to see how the substitution of the x coordinate value into derivative function gives the answer for the gradient at P.