Creating Geometric Figures


Basic Figures

Create the following geometric images below. -Line FT -Line Segment TH -Ray HG -Line FT Parallel to Line BE -Line Segment RA perpendicular to Ray HG -Line HA -Line Segment TG

Creating Triangles

Create the Following Triangles below -Acute Triangle TRY -Obtuse Triangle DOG -Right Triangle XAV

Creating Triangles Continued

Create the Following Triangles -Scalene Triangle VET -Isosceles Triangle GOB -Equilateral Triangle JAX


Create the following Quadrilaterals -Trapezoid TRAP -Parallelogram PRED -Quadrilateral QUIB

Quadrilaterals Continued

Continue creating the following Quadrilaterals -Rhombus BHOM -Rectangle REKT -Square SQAD