Secants and Chords Intersecting inside a Circle

Move points C, D, and E and record how the measures of arcs EF and BD and angle ECF change.
BE and DA are secants that intersect INSIDE the circle at point C. Step 1: Find the sum of the measures of Arc AB and Arc DE. Question 1: What is the relationship between the sum of the two intercepted arcs and the measure of Angle C? Step 2: Move points C, D, and E around. Question 2: Does the relationship still hold after moving the points? Question 3: Is it possible to have two tangents that intersect inside the circle? Why or why not? Question 4: Copy this question in your notes and fill in the blank: If two secants or chords intersect inside the circle, then the measure of an angle formed is _________ the __________ of the intercepted arcs.