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Gear Cutter

These are involute gears at a fixed pitch. The effective kerf of our laser cutter on the wood we are using for these gears is accounted for in the design.
  1. Choose number of teeth.
  2. The gear will export with some size based on the viewing window. WRITE DOWN the size noted below and rescale to that before cutting so your gears will fit together correctly and fit on their axles reasonably well.
  3. MAKE SURE all of gear shows before you export (extra space at edges is ok).
  4. MAKE SURE to uncheck showing the design circles.
  5. Choose a useful file name (no .svg needed) and click the Export button.
  6. Open file with Inkscape
  7. Use Extensions -> Lasercut Path to Open in Visicut.
  8. In Visicut, set the Mapping to Map by Single Property and then check the black (which should have defaulted to Cut).
  9. Note: center hole is designed to spin reasonably freely on a 1/8" dowel.