Factoring and The Number Line

1) I Think this idea below was what I wanted to show I = I^2 = Distance 2) This Formula that was constructed is useable. It factors Integers by a factor of " 3 " or " 2 " 3) I am not to sure anymore; that I can equate Formula's which will allow position, of yourself, on the Imaginary plane and then Reference that to the Real Plane. 4) I need to do some more work on the Formula's, But I think this Number Line here is worth looking at. 5) This shows that " a " ; Dimension is the only variable you need but I have to investigate further the Formula's - If this could be put into Use- Each number represents the entire number line and each number has all the same qualities of the other numbers and " a " is Independent so you can make " Corners " or make it look like a giant " Crossword " Puzzle.