REVAMPED: Modifiable Feasible Set Grapher (Linear Programming)

This applet provides a modifiable template that allows you to graph up to a maximum of 4 linear inequalities (constraints c, d, e, and f). When graphing solution sets to systems of linear inequalities, it is automatically assumed (by default) that both x and y are greater than or equal to zero (see constraints a and b). The feasible set for any number of inequalities will be shaded in pink. You can use the POINT ON OBJECT tool to plot a point anywhere inside any pink feasible set. You can show/hide feasible sets and/or graphs of individual inequalities by checking/unchecking the provided checkboxes. Additional feature: If you hide graphs of all inequalities and feasible regions, you can use the line input boxes (bottom right) graph the boundary lines of the feasible set. You can use then use the INTERSECT tool to determine the point (x, y) at which any two boundary lines intersect.