Welcome to 3D GeoGebra!

1. Just drag the cursor around for a bit to see what happens!

What happened when you dragged the cursor around?

2. In the GGB below, type the rule of any line, eg y = 2x + 1, in the input space at the left. Then as before, drag the cursor around.

Dis this line look any different than the lines you're used to seeing?

3. Go back to the previous GGB and drag the cursor in such a way that the line DOES look the way you're used to.

4. In the GGB below, click on the point button (it's got letter A in it), then click anywhere in the graph. Notice on the left how your point is represented algebraically.

Tell us about your point, and why it looks the way it does!

5. Play around with the tools. Once you've graphed something, hit the white arrow button so you can change it, move it, or look at it from all the angles!

How do you like GGB 3D?