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Using Slope, WARM UP

Warm up

Addis Baba has a line and the points are; (89, 99) and the other point is (98, 200). What is the slope. You may use a graph (it's below). But the graph will take a long time!!!!!!!!


y2 - y1 Equation

In the previous problem, you had many problems with plotting and then finding the slope. Now, you can just subtract and DIVIDE!!!! If we do y2= 9. If we have Y1 =1 If we have x2 = 8 If we have x1 = 1 Let's find the slope. 9-1 = 8 8 - 1 =7 So slope is 8/7!

A video


Laguene has two points; (8,10) and (7,9) what is the slope?

Laguene has two points; (19,20) and (38,40). What is the slope?


Plotting Points (optional)