Some popular questions

Are you registered to any quality standards like BSI, CE, ISO 9000 and have you won any awards? Independent quality certification bodies provide some measure of reassurance. A company that has any or all of the above is more likely to be a company that takes quality seriously, and has a policy in place for it. However, it says nothing about the service and quality of after-sales that you may get. When a company has won several independent awards for their PCs they are more likely to know what they are doing when they are building yours. How long have you been in business? Have you ever gone bust or traded in a similar sounding name before? If the company you intend buying from has been around a few years there may be a better chance that they'll still be around when you need them in the future. Most new businesses fail within the first few months. Do you provide the full Windows CD, or just a "recover" CD? Recover CDs allow you to restore your PC to "factory condition" should you have a problem down the road, if you don’t use vpn master torrent . Most national PC manufacturers provide a recover CD and not the full Windows CD. You may find that the recover CD doesn't work if you change certain parts in your PC. You cannot use it on another PC. You will probably lose all your data if you use it. You cannot re-install Windows to your own liking with the latest drivers, should you choose to do so... EVER. If, even 3 years down the road, you want to re-install Windows you'll need to shell out for a new copy of Windows. It's ridiculous, but that's how it works. Do you specialise in "cheap" PCs? Companies who do specialise in the budget end of the market tend to cut corners to stay competitive. They could use any manner of "tricks" from second hand parts to parts with some slight known faults, to pirated copies of Windows. Examine the specs very carefully, ask for makes and model numbers of components. Do a lot more checks on the company and ask a lot more questions before you proceed with the purchase.