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Eva 3D

Exercise by Reka

Grade/Age: Any (language needs to be adapted to the age of the students) Topic/Subject area: Math / Movement / Intro to Logifaces Duration: 10 minutes Number of the students: Any Single work/Team work: Teams


The teacher poses questions connected to Logifaces. If the answer to the question is e.g. 6, students need to form groups of 6. After the last question, the teacher may preserve groups for another activity (so if the teacher needs groups of 3 for the next activity, the last question should have 3 as an answer). For younger students use simple language and explain terms, or modify questions. Sample questions: 1. How many vertices does a Logifaces piece have? 2. How many faces does a Logifaces piece have? 3. How many edges does a Logifaces piece have? 4. How many different heights can a Logifaces piece have at a corner? "


1. 6 2. 5 3. 9 4. 3 Note Eva: use pictures or Logifaces exercises found on GeoGebra to answer the questions