Parallel & Perpendicular Line Construction Extensions


The four constructions in this activity are extensions of the parallel & perpendicular line constructions. You are asked to complete each construction using only the tools provided in each applet. Before submitting your constructions, please make any supporting construction marks dotted, and use labels, coloring and text boxes to highlight the important goals of each construction.

1. Equilateral Triangles -> Parallel Lines

Using the line and the points given below, construct a parallel line using equilateral triangles. Include the measures of a pair of alternate interior angles in the construction.

2. Rhombus Method for Parallel Lines

Visit the link below and watch the animation for this construction. Recreate the construction in the applet below, so that the parallel line passes through the given point. Also include the measure of a pair of same-side interior angles.

3. Rectangle with length:width = 2:1

Using the applet below, construct a rectangle such that the length is twice the width. Use segment AB as the width of the rectangle. Also include the measure of the four right angles in the rectangle.

4. 15, 30, & 45 Degree Angles

Using the applet below: 1. Construct a right angle 2. Divide the right angle into three 30 angles - watch this video: 3. Bisect the right angle 4. Mark the measurements of the 15 and 30 angles.

How to Submit Your Work

Please take screenshots of each of your tasks and paste them in the Google Slides found in Google Classroom. Thank you.

Feedback Part 1

1. How difficult were these tasks? (1 = Easy <-> 5 = Impossible)

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Feedback Part 2

1. How fun were these tasks? (1 = Worst assignment ever <-> 5 = Best assignment ever)

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