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Rotations on the Coordinate Plane

Answer the following questions in your notes.
Click and drag the scale to change the degree of rotation. 1) Point O is the point of rotation. Its coordinates are (0,0). What is the name for the point at (0,0)? 2) When the degree of rotation is 0 or 360, what do you notice about the position of Triangle ABC and Triangle A'B'C'? 3) Click and drag the degree of rotation to 180 degrees. Change the size of Triangle ABC. What do you notice about the size and shape of Triangle A'B'C'? 4) State the coordinates of Triangle ABC and the coordinates of Triangle A'B'C'.  A (___,____) --> A' (___,____)  B (___,____) --> B' (___,____)  C (___,____) --> C' (___,____) 5) What changes in the coordinate(s) do you notice when you rotate 180 degrees about the origin? 4) Fill in the blanks. BIG IDEA: When rotating 180 degrees about the origin, the _________ and _________ coordinate change ______________.