Question 1

The graph shows the distance of a car from home as a function of time.Describe what a person watching the car may be seeing.

2 (Unit 3, Lesson 9)

The equation and the graph represent two functions. Use the equation y=4and the graph to answer the questions.

  1. When x is 4, is the output of the equation or the graph greater?
  2. What value for x produces the same output in both the graph and the equation?


Two paper drink cups are shaped like cones. The small cone can hold 6 oz of water. The large cone is 43 the height and 43 the diameter of the small cone. Which of these could be the amount of water the large cone holds?

  1. 8 cm
  2. 14 oz
  3. 4.5 oz
  4. 14 cm