Trapezoid - Definitions and constructions

***************************************************************************** Our minimal definition: Trapezoid - a quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides. ***************************************************************************** Construct a trapezoid. Then observe other constructions and answer the questions below.

Your construction:

What is the definition on which your construction is based?

Other trapezoid constructions

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Construction 1:

C1: What definition is this construction based on?

Construction 2:

C2: What definition is this construction based on?

Construction 3:

This is a "reverse" question. Given the definition below, decide if it is a valid definition of a trapezoid, equivalent to our minimal definition. You may want to construct it strictly from the definition and then play with your construction to formulate your conclusion. *********************************************************************************************** A quadrilateral, in which a line perpendicular to two sides exists. ***********************************************************************************************

Your construction 3: