Spinner Weapon Counterweight Designer

Inputs: screwLength - the length of the screws (m) counterweightScrewDiameter - the diameter of the screws (m) Counterweight Density Ratio - the dimensionless ratio of the density of the counterweight material to the material of the rest of the weapon. Material Thickness - the thickness of the part in the z-axis (m). Screws Per Axis - the number of screws placed along the x and the y axis in the counterweight. shaftRad - the radius of the shaft (m) weaponRad - the radius of the weapon (m) toothSize - the length of the vertical line segment representing the tooth impactor surface (m). Instructions: 1. Set the shaft radius, weapon radius, and tooth size according to the desired geometry of the weapon. 2. Set the counterweight density ratio according to the material properties of the two materials. 3. The screws are grouped into those running parallel to the x and y axis, and the groups are assumed to be identical. Set the number of screws in each group in Screws Per Axis. 4. Adjust the counterweightScrewDiameter and screwLength sliders until both orange boxes (representing the maximum cross section of the screws in the XY plane) are fully contained in the weapon circle and are nonintersecting. The screws are assumed to be as close as possible to the center. Note: Once an acceptable solution has been found, note that a group of screws that is closer to the center than necessary can be adjusted by reducing screw length or diamter and increasing the radial distance from the center.