The Function is Even, Odd, or Neither .

Functions can be classified in one of three ways: even, odd, or neither even nor odd. Even occurs whenever f(x) = f(-x) Odd occurs whenever f(x) = - f(-x) Otherwise, the function is Neither Even nor Odd. The clue of a test failing is seeing both a green graph and a red dotted graph, if you see only one graph the text passes. In this activity you will use a slider to reflect a function about the y-axis determine whether the function is even. If the function is not even, a slider will appear to reflect the even function about the x-axis (the combination of the two is a reflection about the origin) and determine if the function is odd. If both the tests for even and odd fail, the function is neither. f(x) = r_o f(r_i x)
This applet can be used by teachers in a demonstration mode in the classroom or teachers can have students load it on their own computers as a worksheet to be completed for a grade.