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Fraction Rule Prototype

Applet 1

Each applet consists of two quantity bars (Q1 and Q2) and a 'fraction rule' (a list of vertical lines marking units and sub-units based on Q1). The model basically shows Q2 as a fractional multiple of Q1, i.e. Q2=pQ1, where p is a fraction. Click 'switch' to show the point that can change the unit from Q1 to Q2. This allows reading Q1 as a multiple of Q2 instead. In this applet, Q1 and Q2 can be changed independently.

Applet 2

Q2 is confined to fractional multiples of Q1.

Applet 3

Q1 and Q2 are specific fractions. This is a zoomed in version for easier observation when Q1 is a fraction. Q1 and Q2 are confined to certain fractions depending on the 'denominator' controlled by the slider. In the following example, they are multiples of ¼.