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Cannon Battle (vs CPU)


You will play as the blue cannon as you try to defeat the red computer player. Take turns firing your cannon as you try to hit your opponent's cannon. Choose the number of turns (three, four, or five), then click new game to begin. You can move your cannon 10 times in either direction, change the angle of your shot, and change the power of your shot. A direct hit is worth 5 points, a close hit is worth 3 points, and a semi-close hit is worth only 1 point. There is a training mode that will show you how the angle and power will affect your shot.
This game is inspired by the pocket tanks game by blitwise productions ( and by the Geogebra Tank Wars game by Geogebra creator Chung Won Kim ( Special thanks to the creator of this PDF, where I got most of the math to make this game. ( Hope you enjoy playing! :)