Construction Steps

Step1-Background Color

Change background color as blue.

Step2-Background Image

  • Download to your computer an image of sky.
Paste it to game. Edit the size and position of image by pulling from points A and B.

Step3- Table of Information

  • Click on Toolbar Image and write
Weather Condition Snowy Rainy Sunny
  • Add second text and write
Percentage of Water Vapor in the Air 60%-100% 35%-60% 0%-35%


  • Add Texts
Click onToolbar Image. And write; Days, Water Vapor, Weather Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Step5-Input Variables

  • Construct table
Click on the Toolbar Image and design a table which contains texts that we constructed in previous step.
  • Input different variables for water vapor column
By using input tool at the left-bottom corner, create two different variables for each day. Write code ı= RandomBetween(0,5) for numerator of the ratios and i= RandomBetween(5,10) for denominator of the ratios.


  • Create texts for Water Vapor column
Click right on the Toolbar Image and go settings. On settings part, click on text button. Write codes \frac{ı}{i} to the space for every text. To write ı and i, click on the button of geogebra symbol and choose different variables.
  • Create a button to change numerator and denumerator of the ratios.
Click on the Toolbar Image button and name as "Next Week".
  • Click right on the button, go settings.
Write its's Scripting that ı= RandomBetween(0,5) and i=RandomBetween(5,10) for each variable. azö=0 azöö=0


  • Create polygons in weather columns.
Click on Toolbar Image and create 4-vertice polygons fitting in the each box of weather columns. Click right on the polygons and go settings. Click on basic button and click on show object.
  • Download pictures of snow flake, raindrop and smiling sun on your computer.
Paste pictures to the game and edit their sizes.


  • Download pictures of sunny cloud, rainy cloud, snowy cloud and lightning on the top of the screen.
  • Click on input bar and write ha= IsInRegion(R_2,d1), hb=IsInRegion(P_2,d1), hc=IsInRegion(N_2,d1) for each polygon.


  • Write input bar f=round((ı)/(i)) for each variable.
  • Click right on images lastly uploaded and go settings/advanced.
  • Write ht ≠ 0 ∧ 0.6 ≤ ggc ≤ 1 under "Condition To Show Object".
  • Write input bar azö as variable. Add 3 Toolbar Image name as "Next Week", "Try Again", "Calculate Your Score".
  • Click right on "Try Again" and write its set condition to Show part 0<azö<5.
  • Click right on "Next Week" and write its set condition to Show part azö>5.
  • Click right on "Calculate Your Score" button, go scripting and
  • write If(ha ≠ 0 ∧ 0.35 < f < 0.6 ∨ hd ≠ 0 ∧ 0.35 < gg < 0.6 ∨ hn ≠ 0 ∧ 0.35 < ggb < 0.6 ∨ hr ≠ 0 ∧ 0.35 < ggc < 0.6 ∨ hz ≠ 0 ∧ 0.35 < gge < 0.6 ∨ hu ≠ 0 ∧ 0.35 < ggd < 0.6 ∨ hk ≠ 0 ∧ 0.35 < gga < 0.6,SetValue(azö,azö+1))
  • Add Toolbar Image for active score.
Click right and go settings/text. Write azö.