Hyperbolic Kit for Poincaré Disc

This file contains a hyperbolic kit created by me in colaboration with professor Edson Agustini. You can create hyperbolic lines, circle or holycircles and many other. We encourage you tro try the tilling. There is one that is already done in the file. Enjoy!
  1. Explore the tilling;
  2. See what we can do in the Poincaré Disk that we can't do in euclidean plane;
  3. Measure the angles of a triangle and make the sum of them and see how it behaves;
  4. Construct functions x, -x, xsin(x) and others;
  5. Construct Saccheri and Lambert quadrilateral;
  6. Use the tools circle and move the origin point to the border until attach it there.